"If I had eight hours to chop down a tree, I'd spend six sharpening my ax and one watching videos on YouTube." 

- Lincoln

Happy Holidays! It's time for Hug the Rhino's second annual Lincoln Awards, featuring the 8 best videos of 2013. (See the 2012 edition here). To qualify, these videos have to be ones that our team watched for the first time in the last 12 months, so some aren't actually from 2013. We found almost zero of these videos on our own, so a huge thank you to those who shared the content!

This year's categories:

  • Most Under-appreciated 
  • Cutest Musical Duo
  • Most Inspirational 
  • Best Live Music Performance
  • Most Shocking (With Purpose)
  • Most Courageous 
  • Most Change Potential
  • Best Overall Video

Most Under-appreciated... 

Jon Oliver's Gun Control Documentary

Hilarious, witty, and substantive, Jon Oliver's 3-part series compares US and Australia's reaction to gun massacres. Hint: The US doesn't come out looking well. With the combination of stellar reporting and humor, this piece should have millions of views. 

Watch all three parts to get all of the facts and jokes.

Cutest Musical Duo... 

Father and 2 Year Old Son, "Don't Let Me Down"

This Brazilian Father and his 1 month, 11 year son remake a Beatles classic, in the process melting the hearts of everyone watching. 

Don't miss the pause and mumbling at 1:11

Most Inspirational... 

Louie Schwartzberg: Nature. Beauty. Gratitude.

A Benedictine Monk narrates Louie's stunning time lapse photography, asking us to wake up to the beauty and greatness of every single day. Lesson: Cultivate gratitude and wonder.  

Go ahead and watch this daily. 

Best Live Music Performance.... 

Local Natives on A Take Away Show, "Who Knows, Who Cares"

Anyone who loves live music should check out the series of Take Away Shows on Youtube. Not quite the diversity of NPR's Tiny Desk, but fantastic nonetheless. In this video the Local Natives entertain a French shopping mall with a live version of "Who Knows, Who Cares". 

(Music Starts at 1:30)

Just stunning. 

Most Shocking (With Purpose).... 

Earthlings - Full Length Documentary

Using hidden cameras, Shaun Monson invesigates five industries that use and abuse animals for profit (Pets, Food, Clothes, Entertainment, Scientific Research). 

Warning - Extremely Graphic

We needed two sittings to finish this. Too much to take in at once, especially if you are an empathetic person.

 Most Courageous Video.... 

Coming Out of Your Closet by Ash Beckman

We all have moments in our lives that call for courage and bravery, our own closets to leave. Ash Beckman explains more in this fantastic TEDx talk. 

Hard is hard. 

Most Change Potential 

The Power of Vulnerability - Brené Brown

What is the key to happiness? Could it be vulnerability? With so many personal insights, this video really inspires viewers to seek vulnerability, and be open to positive and negative emotion. 

To feel the highest highs, you have to be open to the lowest lows.

Best Overall Video (s) ... 

NPR - Tiny Desk Concerts

Alright, this is officially cheating. Of all of the things that we've watched this year, we've loved Tiny Desk concerts the most. Great bands playing live, stripped down versions of their songs to a bunch of office workers on their lunch break. Who knew that was a recipe for success? Here are four of our favorites.

Watched this way too many times. 

Best song: "Down With the Shine"

First Tiny Desk experience

The 2nd Song is ridiculously cool.

Search the tiny desk playlist for some of your favorite artists. They also feature big names like Adele, Macklemore, Lyle Lovett, etc. 


Think we missed some great videos from 2013? Send then to us or leave them in the comment section. They might just make the awards for next year. 

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