Ladies and gentleman, Happy Holidays! Welcome to Hug the Rhino's first ever "videos of the year list". And what's a great awards show without the well-known name? If you were wondering, it comes from the famous Lincoln quote:

"If I had eight hours to chop down a tree, I'd spend six sharpening my ax and one watching videos on YouTube." 

Here are the categories for 2012:

  • Most-Unappreciated Video (#starthome)
  • Best British Oddity Video
  • Best Poetry Video
  • Best Music Video
  • Best Inspirational Video
  • Best Cheesy Inspirational Video
  • Best Gay Marriage Video
  • Best Overall Video
Some of these have around 1,000 views. Only 1,000?!? For the best of the year in this category in the whole world? That's outrageous. 

To be clear, they don't have to be new this year, just ones that we've watched for the first time in the last 12 months. All videos also come with instructions. These will help you get the most of the viewing experience. 

Most Unappreciated Video - Orphan Eyes - Mi Hogar, Home Sweet Home

All we can say is, why isn't this a viral sensation? It has a cheesy saxophone melody, stellar cinematography and some of the best slow motion we've seen in years. The three keys to great videos!

Really though, we want you to take some action taken and popularize the most unappreciated video of the year. If you love it (and you are going to), tweet #starthome with a link to this video or my blog, or share it with that hashtag on facebook (or both). Notice the connection to #stopkony? Well, yes, we are trying to make someone famous. These guys. 

Currently it has 1,950 views on YouTube. Want to try and hit 10,000 by Tuesday? Maybe a 100,000 by New Years? Well, it's worth a try.  

(Update - We added about 1,000 views. Not bad!)

How to Watch

  • Go into a forest with your favorite instrument and pretend to play it along with the music.

Seriously. Wasn't that amazing? My favorite part is 2:50. #starthome.

British Oddity Video of the Year - The Way of the Bells

A short ethnographic film about bell ringers of the UK. It's just so properly British. 

How to Watch

  • Quickly sign up* for your nearest bell-ringing group. (*May need to move to the UK)
  • Grab some tissues. It's a tear-jerker. 

Poetry Video of the Year - Sarah Kay - If I should have a daughter

We are HTR are such suckers for beauty! And poetry, especially spoken word poetry delivered by captivating speakers makes life a little brighter. Thank you Josh Cleary for showing me the light. This last only for about the first four minutes of the video. 

How to Watch:

  • Get out a note pad and a pencil. You are about to learn how to be a great parent. 

A close second is Shake the Dust, by Anis Mojgani:

Music Video of the Year - Antwon - Helicopter (warning: explicit language) 

This video is simple, beautiful, and straight up gangster: 

How to Watch

  • Grab a stack of pancakes and pour Sriracha sauce and Olde English on them just like Antwon. 
  • Pause the video when Antwon and his posse are chilling on the apartment steps and appreciate their superb ethnic diversity. 

Inspirational Video of the Year - Adora Svitak - Learning from Kids

Now, this isn't traditional "inspiration". But it's an invitation to think differently, rediscover the joys of youth, and learn a lot from a 10 year old. 

How to Watch

  • Try not to feel too bad that you weren't speaking at international conferences at the age of 10. 
  • Listen to what state she is from... And if kids from there are like this, imagine how cool kids from Oregon are!

Cheesy Inspirational Video of the Year - How Great I Am 

HTR is no unconditional lover of inspirational sports movies, but we've been known to "Remember the Titans" a time or two. Here we present a montage of some of the greatest lines from those movies, mixed with inspirational sports figures. Yes, goosebumps be a coming. 

How to Watch

  • Set your running shoes out for the morning. You'll be a training fiend by the end. 
  • Grab a bottle of arsenic and drink every time they feature a female athlete (hint, you'll survive, and the lack of such figures is a travesty)

Best Same-Sex Marriage Videos of the Year - John Corvino

Really want to thank Emily Lindgren for sharing these videos with me after the Gay Marriage blog. They are just gems! Here's one on the definition of marriage. 

How to Watch
  • Keep on for the after-credits joke. There's one in each video in the series. 
  • Post some YouTube comments about the video! It's a good place to have reasonable discussions about the issues....

Best Video Of the Year- Sir Ken Robinson - Changing Education Paradigms

How do we decide the video of the year; humor, significance, potential for impact? Well, we've decided to go with all three. This video is Sir Ken's extremely meaningful, funny, and engaging evisceration of our education system. 

How to Watch
  • Remove socks and fold, placing them nearby. They'd be blown off anyway. 
  • Graduate school before watching. Otherwise, you might be encouraged to doubt the system. (Or change it.)



Hug the Rhino Team
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